Getting to Know Darlene.
darlene darlenYa is an unusual bird.

She left the sedentary life of a 1-home base in 1990 and still hasn’t looked back. “There are just too many people and places to get to know and each of them has their own music and culture to learn from” says Darlene.

In her past 20 year history, she has spent her time in:

Austin and New Orleans, picking up some jazz and blues as well as two gals who would join her in the band ‘the ROAD DOG DIVAS';

Ireland, where she learned to play guitar in the 1st three frets for a change and picked up some bones;

Northern Ontario, where she began to learn about the Red Road, the teachings of our 1st Nations people and formed the band SWEET WATER WOMEN (performing traditional and comtemporary aboriginal music);

Chiapas, Mexico working with Mayan villagers and learning songs of the Zapatistas;

Arkansas, where of all things she met up with her teacher Kouakou (Angelo) Yao – a master drummer and dancer from la Côte d’Ivoire, Africa. Yes, she has a few new moves under her belt.

Travelling around north America for 8 years on a 750 Maxim motorcycle didn’t deter her from the road. She still has the bike, but a great camper van as well (named Poppy Rockwell) that can tow the bike. “Sometimes i think i aught to tow a Smart Car!”

darlene darlenYa has versed herself in vocal exploration, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, native hand drum, bones, didjeridoo and dance. Like a gypsy who shang hais the notes of music they encounter and then twists them into another dialect, she delivers multi-cultural theatrical music including: Aboriginal, Gipsy, Jazzy-Swing Blues, Mexican and roots of American folk music. She calls it ‘Gipsy Folk’.