GANGSTAGRASS is back with a new album, “Broken Hearts and Stolen Money”, released in  2014. These 12 tracks serve as evidence that the crossroads have moved North, where the dirt roads of Appalachian bluegrass meets the sooty city streets of Brooklyn. The Band’s Jay-Z meets Ralph Stanley sound breaks barriers and destroys genres with its eclectic mix of low down and down home beats. The Gangstagrass Song “Long Hard Times To Come” Is The Emmy Nominated Theme of the FX series “Justified” and has sold 200,000 copies.
Not only has Gangstagrass been on the forefront of the burgeoning genre unfortunately dubbed “Hick-Hop”, they clearly blazed the trail! Gangstagrass come by it honestly: Rench, mastermind of the group, was schooled on Run DMC and break dancing while he was fed a steady diet of authentic country sounds like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash.