Madcat Midnight Blues Journey

Madcat Midnight Blues Journey

In 2012, The Madcat Midnight Blues Journey first appeared on the Michigan music scene. That is when Peter Madcat Ruth, Cap’n Midnight, Papa Schrock and Kid Shimmim first made music together. Now, just over a year later, they are one of the hottest Blues/Roots/Americana Bands in Michigan.

Conducted by harmonica wizard Peter Madcat Ruth, this eclectic electric quartet is fueled by the guitar and steel fireworks of Drew “Cap’n Midnight” Howard, and propelled by the mighty rhythm section of bassist Mark Schrock and drummer Michael Shimmin.

Veterans of the concert and festival stage, the recording studio, clubs, and listening rooms, the Madcat Midnight Blues Journey (aka MMBJ) brings seasoned stage presence and improvisational exuberance to standard and obscure blues tunes, folk and jazz melodies, and original music.

Expect a rocking journey through familiar blues destinations… but be ready to take a trip down the musical fork in the road with Madcat Midnight Blues Journey.

The Madcat Midnight Blues Journey is:
Peter Madcat Ruth – harmonica, electric ukulele and vocalsDrew Howard (aka: Cap’n Midnight) – guitar, lap steel and vocals
Mark Schrock (aka: Papa Schrock) – bass and vocals
Michael Shimmin (aka: Kid Shimmin) – drums

Grammy award winning Peter Madcat Ruth has established an international reputation through his exhilarating, riveting virtuosity on the harmonica. His expertise on this instrument has amazed audiences world-wide. He is equally at home playing blues, folk, jazz, country, or rock and roll. Performance Magazine refers to him as “A harmonica virtuoso who is rapidly approaching legend status.”

Drew “Cap’n Midnight” Howard is a fixture on the Michigan roots music scene, fluent in all guitars, pedal and lap steel guitar, dobro, and all things with strings. He has played in “A THOUSAND” bands and ensembles over 30+ years”, recorded countless sessions, and was bestowed Detroit Music Awards Outstanding Country Instrumentalist in 2010. Drew is a proud member of the Earthworks Music Collective.

Bassist/multi-instrumentalist Mark “Papa” Schrock has been playing music with Madcat off and on since the late 1970’s. When not playing with MMBJ, Mark can be heard playing with Drew Nelson and Highway 2, Jive at Five, The Schrock Bros, and Jimmy Dillon. A veteran of the Michigan scene, Mark is also the music director and proprietor of Salt of the Earth, a popular farm to fork restaurant and roots music venue in Fennville, Michigan.

Understating his technical rhythmic prowess, drummer Michael Shimmin says “Sometimes I hit things with sticks of wood, other times I use my hands.” A graduate of Western Michigan University’s percussion program, Mike is everywhere, laying down blues, rock, Irish, world, and jazz grooves with the olllam, Red Sea Pedestrians, Joshua Davis & Fool Rooster, Millish, Seth & May, and The Starlight Six.

All Aboard!