Mo’ Mojo: A hard driving, high energy, “Pardi-Gras” Band.
The female fronted group features three-part harmonies, accordion, fiddle, guitar, rubboard, sax, trumpet, harp, bass, percussion, and drums. Songs are sung in English and French.

Mo’ Mojo takes Zydeco music and infuses it with Americana, Cajun, reggae, rock & roll, funk, R&B, and African and Latin rhythms.

The band is a favorite at festivals and can command any stage to get up and dance and is equipped to lead workshops in fiddle and guitar styles; songwriting; Zydeco, second line, and African rhythms; and Zydeco dance.

International Touring – The band was selected by the AMA and Department of State as one of 10 bands for the 2014-2015 season to represent American music abroad. There first tour was in Haiti in July, the Dominican Republic in Oct-Nov. and a 34 day tour in Jan-Feb to Belize, Panama, Mexico, and Barbados.