Joel Laviolette and Rattletree

Rattletree Marimba loves to make you dance. It is our passion and our calling. We are excited to be in the forefront of a new era of live Electronica. Merging these new sounds with the roots of ancient and organic African style marimbas.

GIANT hand-built marimbas…cutting-edge DIY live video and synth manipulation
We bring High-energy stage presence…and uplifting high-vibration dance music.

Described as “dynamic, full of energy and engaging” (Principal Brad Wirht, Bridge Point Elementary), Kupira Marimba creates an experience that will wow audiences. Their upbeat performances interweave cultural information about the traditional music of Zimbabwe with interactive discussions and opportunities for everyone to dance. In Zimbabwe there is no difference between the audience and the performers, the whole community joins together in celebrations. Kupira Marimba’s mission is to bring that sense of community to Texas and to you.